To draw or not to draw

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Take a one day workshop with friends, a private lesson or join a group classes to improve your drawing skills.



Come together with friends to our monthly lectures and learn more about the art of drawing.



Visit our gallery of buy unique drawings from great artist from all over the world online!



By books, art prints, pencils, papers,  etc to learn from others or to make your own drawings at home. 


From November 9
we start with our first class. Join!

Every friday evening from 19:00-22:00 you can join our Art Drawing Class in House Of Craziness for just € 50 p.p. for ten lessons. From 2019 we will offfer four different classes every week. Don’t miss it!


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Today Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars ( wrote about the Art Drawing Center. They are one of the first. We are very happy with there post.  BOK has a lot to offer.[…] Read more

november 7, 2018 0

This is our mission

Art Drawing Center wants to inspire and connect people by drawing(s). Therefore we organise ao. workshops, classes, lectures and exhibitions for people from the Netherlands and abroad. Besides inspiring people[…] Read more

november 6, 2018 0

Press release: Launch of Art Drawing Center

Rotterdam, November 4, 2018 On Friday, November 9th. Rotterdam, following cities such as New York, London and Paris, will get its own Art Drawing Center. Art Drawing Center At the[…] Read more

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