Maand: november 2018

Art Drawing Center

Today Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars ( wrote about the Art Drawing Center. They are one of the first. We are very happy with there post.  BOK has a lot to offer. At their website for example you find a Bulletin Board, News, Art Supplies, Memberpages, Discounts, etc. Every professional artist should apply for there newsletter I…
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november 7, 2018 0

This is our mission

Art Drawing Center wants to inspire and connect people by drawing(s). Therefore we organise ao. workshops, classes, lectures and exhibitions for people from the Netherlands and abroad. Besides inspiring people we want to be a vivid place where people can meet eachother. The Art Drawing Center will also show old and new drawings from national…
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november 6, 2018 0

Press release: Launch of Art Drawing Center

Rotterdam, November 4, 2018 On Friday, November 9th. Rotterdam, following cities such as New York, London and Paris, will get its own Art Drawing Center. Art Drawing Center At the moment, the Art Drawing Center will be housed in Huis der Zotheid and from there one will organize courses, workshops, lectures, exhibitions for drawing enthusiasts…
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november 4, 2018 0

You can find us also on Instagram, Facebook and Meetup

He guy’s, From now on you can find Art Drawing Center also on the following social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook and Meetup Via social media our blog will be pushed. So you can stay in touch with our instagram, facebook en meetup if you like. Via those outlets you will get always the latest information. Let’s draw!

november 4, 2018 0

Exhibition Alain Umer

OPENING ALAIN ULMER Date: 4/11 Time: 16:00-18:00 Cost: free Alain Ulmer was born in 1949 in Chazelles sur Lyon (France). He studied at the art academy in St Etienne France. From 1982 to June 2010 he worked as a nature guide and graduate photographer (Apeldoorn photo school) with the municipality of Rotterdam. There are many…
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november 3, 2018 0